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We have a large selection of  Mavala products available for purchase in the salon. 

Nailactan - For hydrating dry, brittle nails.
Colorfix- To use between manicure appointments to help your manicure last longer.
Hand Cream- To keep your skin happy and hydrated.
Extra Mild Polish Remover- To gently remove polish without stripping your nails of valuable oils.

Along with many more products and treatments to help you keep you natural nails in tip-top shape! 

We also carry Essie, Zoya, OPI, CND, and Dr's Remedy nail polish colors and treatments.

Ask one of our staff members to show you which products best fit your needs.  

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Creative Nail Design

Since 1979, CND has developed pioneering professional products and services that expand the promise and possibility of beauty for hands and feet. Our mission is simple: to provide the salon and spa professional with everything they need – products, services, education and support – for the highest-quality nail services. CND pursues this with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Every one of our products is meticulously researched in our own state-of-the-art laboratory and tested in the field before it ever reaches the hands of our customers. And once it does, CND continues to support the beauty professional with training, answers and inspiration—in the classroom, on the road or online. Whether fingers or toes, nails are fashion—the perfect accessory to an outfit or that subtle flash of indulgence defining a personal look. Our formulas allow professionals to consistently create nails that are unique and expressive. And our vision and leadership has earned us the exclusive right to collaborate with the world’s top designers on runways from New York to Paris, Milan to Dubai.

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Essie has become a global leader in nail industry. They are 3 free and have a large array of great colors to choose from.

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This company was the reason that all other professional lines of nail polish took out the bad chemicals like Formaldehyde, Toluene, and DBP. Zoya never had them in their polishes which put pressure on OPI and Essie as well as others to remove them as well.
Zoya has a spectacular array of colors to choose from and are known for their polishes to last well on the nail.

Qtica Logo


Qtica Hand Nail Body Care Products The Next Generation of Hand, Nail & Body Care.

OPI Logo


OPI is renowned globally for its Nail Lacquers a brilliant, chip-resistant, professional formula available in over 200 fashion-forward colors. With clever names that customers look forward to with each new Collection, OPI Nail Lacquers are beloved around the world, and trusted by professionals. Neither OPI Nail Lacquers nor any other OPI product or service is subject to animal testing.

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Tweezerman personal care tools have been the choice of celebrities, make-up artists and beauty professionals for over25 years. Tweezerman consistently receives acclaim not only in leading beauty publications, but from beauty conscious consumers throughout the world.

Revitalash Logo


RevitaLash is a unique eyelash conditioner that will help you achieve the beautiful look of Longer, Thicker, and Fuller eyelashes. Like liquid eyeliner, RevitaLash is simply applied once a day. Within three to ten weeks, your own natural eyelashes will look Longer, Thicker, Fuller, and BEAUTIFUL! No matter how brittle, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eye lashes are, RevitaLash can help you achieve long, beautiful, healthy looking eyelashes.

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